FOG is a creative project of ArtXArchitecture, an ongoing collaborative of creatives who produce art installations in grounded and virtual realities.
I collaborated with artists Pat Potter and Jessie Ackers over the course of two summers on FOG, a multi-media project that addressed the philosophy of Giles Deleuze (to name only one). FOG is a component of Patterns In Time, a major work-in-progress by Pat Potter.
As Pat and Jessie reacted to Deleuze's ideas in written form, I responded to their writings in visual form, developing complex digital composite images from a collection of photographs taken by the collaborative. The images were then printed on a large-format inkjet printer and re-worked by the members of the collaborative, after which they would again be digitized and re-worked in the digital environment. This iterative process would continue until the collaborative would decide that an image possessed the essence of the thought intended by Deleuze.
The members of the collaborative would then begin the process of "coupling" words and their meanings with the composite images. I would then typeset these words in harmony with the images and compose them into an accordion fold format book.
Software: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
Photography: Pat Potter, Jessie Akers, Susan Robertson

Photographic images were digitally manipulated multiple times, printed on a large-format inkjet printer, and then reworked with traditional media. The digitally and traditionally manipulated work would then be photographed and digitized again, and the process would repeat. Certain images have been reworked five or more times. Image: Alternate image for book.

Book page spread. The images were assembled with accompanying text into an accordion fold book format.

Book page spread

Book page spread and alternate image.

Motion graphic (one of three) for multi-channel video projections within the Patterns in Time installation.

The artists book FOG is a component of a multi-medial installation. The edition is limited to nine.
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