Bi-montly Digest of the Anniston Museum of Natural History
This bi-montly digest was printed and distributed throughout the area as well as mailed to the museum's members. Each issue featured a story about an aspect of the collection and included a calendar of upcoming events and museum news. Prior to this newsletter design, we published a monthly, 8-1/2 x 11 newsletter printed in two colors. By 1999, drum scanning of color negatives was no longer needed and full color printing was more affordable. We made the decision to move to a full-color, bi-montly edition, which ended up saving us money.
As the Museum's Marketing Director, I served as editor, art director, and often photographer, of this publication. The finished piece was 24"w x 11" h folded to 6"w x 11"h. It was typically printed in two-color, sometimes four, and the stock was McCoy Silk, 100# book, which did a nice job of creating a beautiful texture between the paper's surface and the glossy ink.
Following is a sampling of covers from the years I managed the publication:
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