A series of digital talismans that one can load on to their smart phone and open when needed to ward off evil.
Need to avoid the dissaproving stares of people? Just open the "judgemental" talisman to protect you from judgement.
Think you're being hit by a lie? There's a talisman for truth!
These collages combine digital and traditional media in a playful take on an ancient tradition. They are a combination of personal and public domain images.
Creativity - Catch creative impulses and ideas.
Balance - Balances opposing forces in your life
Impulse - Fight the urge to settle or become complacent.
Ennui - Protects one from the blahs
Judgement - Shields one from the dissaproving stares and comments of others
Meaningless Dreams - Having frustrating dreams that make no sense? This talisman will ward them off!
Truth - Dig through the bullshit and discover the truth
Never, ever give up and never let them get you down!
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