Fire fighter training course
The Anniston Regional Training Center needed an identifiable campaign to recruit high school seniors to its fire science course. Reflecting diversity was also an important aspect. Working with the training officers, we developed a start-to-finish system that would attract, engage and recruit students.
Recruiters needed materials that could be used during recruiting trips to high schools as well as leave-behind pieces. We developed free-standing portable banner graphics, recruitment business cards, and team t-shirts. As leave-behinds (and also announcements) we created classroom posters and a companion website. A QR code on the print materials drives users to the website where they can learn more about the course and what it takes to be a firefighter.

Classroom posters reflect diversity. A QR code sends users to a mobile-friendly site -- -- where they can learn more and request more.

Companion website -- SRD secured domain name and created content which was loaded into an existing template.

Recruitment business card showing new training center logo and logotype.

Plug and play library elements the client can use for any purpose. The logo on the left was created specifically for the training center, which is the organization that presents the fire science courses.

Gota have swag!

Free-standing, pop-up banner (one of two).