Set of three scrolls that explore the character of Miss Havisham in Charles Dicken's novel "Great Expectations. Each scroll is 24"w x 72"h.
Like Miss Havisham of 1860, the woman in this series is repressed by the expectations placed upon her by contemporary Southern society ... to marry a man, have a baby and affiliate with a culturally-acceptable religious organization.
The series was developed as a project in Design Studio, a course in my MFA program in Visual Communication and Design at Jacksonville State University. The copy, in the top, right corner of each panel, is from the novel and is specifice to Dicken's descriptions of Havisham. It is set in typefaces that were common in the mid-19th century. The use of justified margins further underscores the repression experienced by Havisham. The red "chops" are hand printed from carved blocks.
The scrolls are design to be presented, then put away, similar to the practice of Japanese scrolls, which were hung during tea ceremonies then stowed away. This application also symbolizes the Southern American female's role of "presentation" to society in the form of debutante balls and beauty pagents.

Temporary installation photograph
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