Exhibition Promotional Graphics
Invitation and bookmark
This project required several graphic components including print, digital and environmental graphic formats.In addition to serving as art director, curator and graphic designer on this project, I was also the museum's executive director.

Following are images of the exhibition invitation, which was scanned from the original printed piece. The flecks appearing throughout the images are from the stock I chose - "Carnival", and I think it's made by Neenah. Below the invitation images is an image of the bookmark, which was also scanned from the printed original.

The illustration on the invitation and bookmark is taken from Jacob Lawrence's "Toussaint L'Ouverture Series". The vine illustration on the inside spread is taken from General Toussaint's jacket lapel. I repeated these graphics and the typeface (Gothic Sans) on the museum's web site and newsletter as well as for environmental graphics in the museum.

Environmental graphics (not pictured) included Jacob Lawrence's signature, hand painted by a local mural artist on the wall of the exhibition gallery, and a large, exterior panel, which hung on the facade of the museum and promoted the exhibit.

Like most projects for this museum, this one had to provide awareness of an event as well as education as to who and what the artist/exhibit was about. The overall budget for marketing/graphics was less than $2,000.
Cover View
Inside spread
Back View
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