MFA Digital and Print Recruitment Campaign
The new MFA program at Jacksonville State University was beginning its second year and needed new recruitment materials. The design team consisted of myself and Jason Wright, both students in the program, the MFA program director and a program consultant.

The pieces here will be used with in-person visits with undergraduate students at regional universities. Two additional audiences will be addressed at a later date with different campaigns. The campaigns utilize print and digital pieces.

The concept for this campaign is directed at the desires of the individual -- the student and what she hopes to achieve. The tagline "It's Your Time" points to this. As designers, we get caught up in our jobs, deadlines and demands. The opportunities to nurture our creativity grow dim and slim. Our creative ability begins to seem like a tool that is being abused by an endless list of clients and projects.

This MFA program is about regaining your creativity as a designer and an artist...about getting some time for yourself as you interact with other creative human beings -- instead of only software and a computer screen! As students, artists and designers, we are aware of just how special this moment in our lives is, and we want others to join us in this creative dialogue.

Photographs feature prominently in the campaign and include students in the program as they are engaged in dialogue. The tools of our trade are present: laptops, Ipads, concept maps and diagrams. In every photograph, the students seem absorbed in conversation, oblivious to the viewer, except for one student, who locks eyes with the viewer and seems to say, "This is YOUR time, too."

We are working on a video of this conversation, which will be triggered when the viewer uses the Aurasma app on their smart phone to scan the poster image. We'll also be developing a presentation for Ipads, which will be used during in-person visits.
Typeface: Nexa Bold
Four posters, all bearing the same design/information but each with a different image, are issued to campuses. The hope is that they will all be posted in various locations to create the "burma-shave" effect on audiences.
MFA Single-fold Pamphlet
During site visits, recruiters give prospective students in undergraduate programs these 5x7 pamphlets, which provide an overview of the MFA program and details on how to find out more.

To develop content for the piece, undergraduate students were surveyed to determine critical information points. The finished design was also evaluated by undergraduate students.

The brochures are printed on cover weight Strathmore Pinstripe, Ultimate White. The paper is warm and textured, giving the piece a tactile, keepsake quality.
inside spread

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