Project 1 Team Folder
Use this project folder to upload your work.
Project Title: “What's Happening to Me?”

Using photographs that you’ve taken, create a fantasy image about yourself in Photoshop. It should be playful and imaginative. You can be riding a seahorse or shooting spaghetti out of your ears. The finished image should communicate “What’s happening to me?!”

Quick Selection, Crop, Layers, Filters, Art Boards, Lasso, Mask, Camera Raw, Adjustments, Swatches, Color Models

Using your camera phone or camera, capture the following images:
You - 10
Backgrounds - 10
Textures - 10
Objects - 20
Take well-focused photos with good contrast and strong, definite shapes. These images will be your source material for this project. Save all images at the highest possible resolution, at least 1200 pixels wide, to your Creative Cloud account.

What makes a composition work? What are some examples of strong compositions? Which images will you keep and why? How will you arrange them to make your story meaningful?

Make multiple thumbnail sketches in your sketchbook toward the composition you would like to create in the software. You may change your mind about the images you’ve chose — document your reasons for doing so.


Refine your favorite thumbnails into at least four rough comps. Choose the comp you which to create in Photoshop. You will refer while working and document any decisions to vary from it.
Open your photos in Photoshop and begin editing each one. These are called your “assets”. You will edit them individually, save them to your PROJECT 1 LIBRARY (be sure to name them) then bring them into an artboard. Edit each photo as follow: 
You: Edit in CAMERA RAW. Open in Photoshop. Use QUICK SELECTION TOOL to isolate you from background. Refine the edge.
Object: Use the Quick Selection Tool to isolate object from background. Refine the edge. Add an effect to the object. 
Background: Add an effect using one or more of the Photoshop’s effect tools. 
Texture: Add an effect using one or more of Photoshop’s effect tools. Change the colors. Create a pattern and apply it to one of the assets above.
Generate a 16-inch wide by 12-inch high page in Photoshop at 300 PPI and begin importing your assets onto this page. Compose the assets according to your rough comp. Document  reasons for any changes during this process.

Image size: 16” wide x 12” high (horizontal format)
Image resolution: 300 PPI
File Naming: srobertson236_project1 (first initial, last name, course number, underscore, and project number)
Upload finished file to group folder no later than Monday, September 24.
Add final project to Behance by October 31.
Critique held on Tuesday, October 2, 8 A.M.
Total possible points: 100 (1/4 of overall score) Refer to syllabus for grading criteria.
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